One..two..three. Home revamp.

I live in a state of organised chaos. So let me do something to make the chaos more pretty.

So let me add another category to this list they’ve given : Ethnic, Contemporary, Minimalistic, Casual, Chic, High-Tech, Retro… ChaoticLazyCrazy

A beanbag to plonk in front of the TV. This one is perfect. Denim. I can wipe my hands on it just like I do on my jeans. (I’m kinda gross that way sometimes. Please excuse) . Picture this. I come home after a long day at work, tired and irritated. I pick up a packet of chips and sink into the beanbag. I switch on the TV and it blares what it usually blares. I sink in a little more and surf channels. I watch, I eat chips, I sink in some more again. Bliss

Style Homez Denim Football Bean Bag

Wow. This is one freaky mirror. Pricey, but cool. And it weighs 16.25 kg!!! Maybe it will make me look prettier in some kind of optical illusion. Or maybe it will scare away evil spirits. Or maybe it will create some kind of vastu-feng shui good luck. I’ll hang it on the wall straight opposite the front door so that visitors can have a look at themselves as they enter. Or should I hang it on the bedroom wall?

Deknudt Mirror - (2597.451)

And then this. A one minute timer. For the procrastinator that I am. Do the dishes? In a minute, I’d tell myself and turn this timer. Fold the laundry? In a minute, I say. And I’d turn the timer. Over and over and over again. This little thing can stretch my minutes into hours like no digital stopwatch or countdown timer can.

Little India Beautiful Real Brass 1 Minute Real Sand Timer 243

And I’m done. Chaos just got a bit more organised. And a little more fun

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