Hair Today

What does it take to start a new life? Move cities? Quit your corporate job and to teach slum kids? Get out of a relationship that’s not going so smoothly? Yes. Maybe. But then, those are the big things. Major changes. So why not start your new life with the small changes instead. And believe me, it is those ‘small changes’ that are the most difficult to make, the most difficult decisions to take.

I have bad hair. Mousy, limp, rat-taily. I could model for the Before part of a miracle hairgrowth potion from the Amazon forests. All my life I’ve longed for waist length, thick black hair. I’ve envied every woman who walked past me with a snake-like plait swishing behind her back or a woman who wore her hair like a silk scarf casually draped over her shoulders. It was my dream, my fantasy, my obsession : long thick black hair. And without me realising it, that longing was pulling me down, draining me emotionally. Slowly, it started holding me back from everything I wanted to do.

And then one fine day, I decided. My hair shouldn’t decide who I am or who I want to be. So I marched myself to the salon and unashamedly told the hairdresser to chop it off, chop off my mousy, limp, rat-taily hair. Make it short, I said. Give me a pixie cut, a boy-cut a buzz-cut if you will. But chop it off. I don’t want to see my failed efforts , those rupees invested in shampoos and oils and treatments going down the drain everytime I look into the mirror. Cut cut cut. Are you sure, he asked me. I have nothing to lose, I replied. And so the scissors snipped. Snip. Snip. Snip. I felt a cold breeze down my neck. It had happened. I had been freed of my limp, mousy, rat-taily hair. I was reborn. I did not have anything to care about now. New look, new person.

It was bad the first day, I couldn’t face myself in the mirror. I was afraid to step out of the house, I couldn’t face another human being. But then, my hair wasn’t a rat tail anymore, it was fashionably short. I had reinvented myself. I needed a new wardrobe to go with the new hair.And thus the transformation began. New haircut, new wardrobe. The next logical step was a new attitude.

What seemed to be a small step, cutting off my hair slowly snowballed ( in a good way) into a huge positive change in my life. I was finally able to deal with the fact that I will never ever have waist length hair and that ear length hair was better for me. I was finally able to look at those women with snaky plaits and not feel that tinge of jealousy. I was finally able to carry off my own style. And that unveiled the Real Me to me.

It is not about those big bold decisions that you need to take to change your life. All you need to do is to take a small step, a small step our of your comfort zone. A small step away from something that has been holding you back all your life. That’s all it takes for your to transform, for you to start a new life.

So go ahead. Start a new life. Cut off your hair if you want to. Click on if you want to.

You’ll be surprised at what lies ahead.


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