Hope is all around you

Hope, they say was something Pandora unleashed upon the world. Something that is more dangerous than all the other evils she released. Hope. Optimism. Faith. Words that seem so promising, but cause so much frustration when they fail you.

There are some mornings when I wake up hating everything and everyone. I don’t feel like getting out of bed, I don’t feel like dragging myself to work. Days when I don’t even want to exist anymore. And then there are some days when I spring out of bed like a Jack-in-the-box, full of energy and positivity that comes from god-knows-where. The skies seem blue and there is birdsong in my head. And the whole day is filled with joy. Well, a cynic could call me bipolar. But it is not that.

There are small things that bring that spurt of happiness, hope and optimism inside me. It could be the gurgling laughter of the neighbour’s baby . It could be the loud phone call that the  Bihari construction worker is making to his family at the building site next door, assuring his mother or wife that all is well and he will be home soon. It could be the strain of an 80s Illayaraaja song wafting from someone’s FM radio.

It could be the sound of the roadroller starting and the smell of fresh tar, assuring me that the road ahead will have no more potholes, literally atleast. It could be the chatter of children off to school, peppered with giggles and maybe a nursery rhyme or two. Or just aroma of fresh filter coffee that pushes all those positive buttons inside my brain.

Sometimes a poem just pops up inside my mind, filling me with hope. ‘…God’s in his heaven and all is right with the world’. The Song from Pippa Passes, my instant pickup. Or maybe a group of early morning devotees on the way to the temple spreading that invisible aura of devotion, sharing the blessings they are about to receive with the world as they walk past.

Or maybe it is just a good hair day or a nasty pimple has just cleared up and my face seems less blotchy and more beautiful to me  in the mirror. Or a dosa I make has turned out so golden and crisp, making me feel like the world’s best cook, ready to rid the world of hunger with perfect dosas. Or an imaginary crush visited me in my dreams the previous night, making me spend the rest of the next day looking out for him. Well, it could even be a positive horoscope in the newspaper that makes me feel so full of optimism for the rest of the day.

But hope, optimism, faith. It is all out there. In the small things, in the big things in everything. We just need to keep our eyes open and look out to find those triggers. Those triggers that send you to that place, that green flower filled meadow of happiness where everything seems perfect, endlessly perfect.

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