One Afternoon

Can I call you a loved one? I do love you.A lot

Can you fall in love with someone you’ve met just once? Is an afternoon enough to make you decide that someone is The One.
Yes, it is.

Two months ago, exactly two months ago, you stepped out of my dreams and stepped into my life. Like that Savage Garden song, the moment I saw you, I knew that I had dreamed you into life. That January afternoon, that perfect Chennai day when I got into your car, glancing at my watch even as you shook my hand because I had to get back
to office in another three hours. But that was the only time we could make it happen, make that meeting happen, the meeting that would decide.
I was in white, so were you. Filmy coincidence. What was missing was a bunch of dancers in white, floating around us in a cloud of mist. Wait. I don’t want to remember that day as a bad Bharathiraaja duet. Let me erase that thought and go back to that moment I stepped into your car again.
There was that awkward silence. We had spoken all that we had to in those endless chats and phonecalls. Face to face wasn’t something we both were prepared for.
But then the ice broke. We had books to talk about, we had Lingaa to talk about, we had all those places we had travelled to to talk about. Places we had travelled to alone, places that one day we will travel to together. Hopefully.
You had a history, you told me. I too have one, but I did not tell you about it. I think it is too early for that. We have the rest of our lives ahead to share histories, to create histories.
If I close my eyes and take a deep breath, I can smell that restaurant we went to that afternoon. That seat next to the kitchen was such a bad idea, but we had no other option. We had to keep shouting to each other across the table over the din of cling clanging vessels. Those 90s Bollywood songs that were playing loudly over the din, it gave us something to talk about didn’t it? Our common love-hate for Kumar Sanu. I still don’t understand what you see in Aishwariya Rai though. Tabu, Tabu is the woman I would want my man
to have his crush on. She has class, man. But let’s fight over that another day. You’re a Darlymple fan, you said. All I know about the Mughals is from my eight standard history text book. But it was fascinating, the way you spoke about history so passionately. Maybe I should read up on something so that I can have a decent conversation
with you next time.

Next time. When will the next time be? It is two months already and you have gone back to your Island of Rain. Was that afternoon a dream? Did you really step out of my dreams, out of my phone and into my life that day?
We speak everyday, we chat. You visit me in my dreams every night. We may not happen, maybe the fates won’t allow us to happen.

But that afternoon, that single afternoon is something that I will remember forever.

Maybe we’ll find our moments again at


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