Clap Your Hands

 If you’re happy and you know It clap your hands! One Two!

 If you’re happy and you know It clap your hands! One Two!

 If you’re happy and you know it and you really want to show it, clap your hands.

Remember that song from school? Simple days when just clapping our hands and stomping our feet to show that we’re happy made us happy.

And then adulthood happened. Happiness stopped coming to us that easily. But trust me, it is easy to be happy again. I get my daily dose of happiness everyday from the little things around me and I clap my hands. Well, not out loud, but I do a mental clap-my-hands to show myself that I’m happy.

Yes, I won’t deny it. Big things make me happy. Like finally buying that piece of jewelry that I had been eyeing forever or taking that holiday to Thailand. But that’s not the kind of happiness that you can experience everyday. It is in the small things that you find happiness, everyday happiness.

I am both surprised and saddened by the fact that we even need something called International Day of Happiness. Shouldn’t everyday be a Day of Happiness? Atleast for me, it is. Or I try to make sure that I find a few moments of unbridled happiness in something each day.

A crisp dosa in the office cafeteria with three types of tangy chutneys. A piece of software code that runs without an error in the first attempt. A silly joke during a boring conference call that sends everyone into peals of laughter, and getting us all alert again. Online window shopping for new makeup, makeup that I might never wear, but something that makes me feel so beautiful just imagining myself wearing it. Learning a new word from some random article that someone has shared on the internet, actually using that word in a sentence and feeling all intelligent about it. Getting an email from an old friend, not a forward, but an actual email that has been personally written just for you. It could be a single line of ‘hey, how have you been?’ But the fact that the friend took the trouble to type it out for me rather than hit a forward button on a random chain email makes me happy. (Well, I could romanticse and say that physical letters make me happy, but who does that these days? )

A good workout in the gym that gets all those good hormones alive and kicking in my brain. And that long shower after that with a snowy lathering shower gel that leaves me all fresh and soft and tingly. Plonking myself in front of the TV on my favourite beanbag with a tall glass of Coca Cola. (Zero, because  all that gym work shouldn’t go for waste, you see) And finally a good night’s sleep, deep sleep that hits you at ten pm and takes you to another world, another happy place in your dreams.

Yes. I find happiness in all these, every day. I am happy and I know it and I really want to show it. So here

*Clap* *Clap*

Here’s more happiness


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