Going to the Guptas

I wake up at six am, lie in bed till 6.30, picturing the day ahead and lazily fantasizing about  everything from a Europe holiday to dinner at that new Mexican place. Sometimes, I go back to sleep and wake up with a start when I realize that it is already past 7.30. But every morning, somehow or the other, it is a mad rush to office. And the victim of this mad rush to office is always my breakfast. That meal of the day that everyone from your nutritionist, doctor and grandmother tell you that you should not skip. But it is always my breakfast that gets the axe because of my lazy early morning routine. I grab an apple or a couple of biscuits on my way out and have it with a cup of tea in the office pantry. But that is not enough. The problem with breakfast is that it is a big headache. Whether it is dosas or idlis or upma, I need to make the chutney and the sambar and all that and then do the cleaning and washing up before I leave to work. So you can’t blame me, can you?  Cereal is so boring, I used to think. So that wasn’t part of my breakfast menu at all.

But this Guptaji family seems to have it all figured out. They’ve managed to turn the most boring, monotonous breakfast cereal into something as interesting and intriguing as a daily TV serial! Just look at all the yummy stuff here. https://www.facebook.com/anaajkanashta and https://www.youtube.com/user/kelloggindia.

I would just love to have the Guptas living in my apartment block. I’d invite myself over day after day after day just to relish one of these yummy bowls of Kelloggs. And the thing is, half of these nashta recipes don’t even sound like a boring breakfast cereal. They are so creative and innovative and most important, they seem to have that right balance of East and West. Check this out, Chapatti Cornflakes Chivda ! http://bit.ly/Chapattichivda Who would have thought that this kind of fusion is even possible with plain old boring cornflakes! Or this Laddoos wala recipie that makes cornflakes so festive http://bit.ly/LadoosWala. This Guptaji family seems to be the most happening family in their neighbourhood.

So I guess I will just have to take some tips from the Guptas to get my day kickstarted. I can’t invite myself over everyday, can I? So What I am going to do is just hop on to the Facebook page where the awesomeness of the Gupta Family Nashta is being shared and take a few tips as to how to make my breakfast easy, cool and as unboring as I want it to be. So now, I know that I can lie in bed and daydream for as long as I want, because all I need is a little bit of creativity, some tips from the Gupta family and the most solid ingredient of all : A box of Kelloggs.

So do you want to go to the Guptas?


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