Smartphone? Nah. Genius Phone

I don’t want a smart phone

I want a genius phone. And a phone that is a looker too. Yes, I want it all. Beauty and brains. A phone that will win the Miss Universe title. A phone that is as fast as Usain Bolt. And it looks like the Asus Zenfone 2 could give me exactly what I’m looking for.

So how will the Asus Zenfone2 change my smartphone experience? Well, My smartphone is growing dumber and dumber these days. So I desperately need a change. A newer, sleeker, sexier, genius phone. One that doesn’t make me cringe whenever I take it out. One that doesn’t make me curse it for being as slow as a tortoise or as bulky as a rhino. And ofcourse, one that doesn’t make me have to sell my kidney and soul to buy it. And looks like my prayers have been answered. The Asus ZenFone2 is The Ultimate Phone. The GeniousPhone that is all set to send smartphones back to scheeol.

1. I’ll feel sexier just holding it in my hand. No more clunky bulky phone. This is a sleek, sexy phone with a metallic finish. Enough to accessorize my outfit. No need for any more bling. This will do. And I can dress up my phone as much as I like dressing myself up. Colours and cases, you name it, I have it.

2. I’ll feel safer. Having a superfast phone will give me more confidence to do more. Easily accessible applications that load immediately.

3. I don’t need a camera. I can travel light, just this phone in my purse and I’m good to go. I can pull it out anytime and click the pictures I need. No need to bother about the lens or the zoon or the pixels. Point and shoot redefined. And I don’t need to worry about the lighting. Any ligght and I’m good to go.

4. Dual sim for my double life. I can keep my work and personal life separate. No need to carry around two phones and fumble around in my bag wondering which phone is which. No need to check and double check if I’m sending the message to my boss from the right phone. All it will take is a touch and I’m the work person or the person person.

5. Battery? What battery. With the superfast charging and the long long long battery life, it will seem like the phone runs of love and fresh air. Or solar power. Charge it, forget it. No more carrying a charger around and searching for a plugpoint everywhere because of crappy battery life. No more

So do you also want to change the way you smartphone your life? The don’t look for a smartphone. Smart won’t do. You need a geniusphone.

Get your genius phone here