Ek Nayi League

Oh, what on earth is this new league all about?

We have a cricket league and a football league and a wrestling league. I think we even have a kabaddi league ( wasn’t Abhishek Bachchan an owner or something?) So what else is left to ‘league’ about, I wonder.

But here is my list of things that I would like to see as Leagues. Maybe Ek Nayi League is one of these?

1. An Indian Cooking League: Yes, we have shows like Masterchef and all that. But it will be nice to have a nailbiting, colourful Indian Cooking League. Something where we have top chefs from across the country participating and sharing with us dishes from all over India. Super Sambars vs Perky Pav Bhajis or something would be the equivalent of a Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians IPL match. Now, wouldn’t that be super fun to follow? One mad month of mouthwatering dishes.

2. An Indian Political League: This could be something where people, non- political people get together and form teams that contest mock elections with mock manifestos. Well, mock elections and mock manifestos, but these could actually lead to something real. A fake Indian Political League could be a message to the real politicians who can learn a thing or two about contesting an election with real manifestos and real promises. Also, who knows? Someone who wins this fake Indian Political League could become another Arvind Kejriwal and take the country by storm ( Ok, ok. I’m not implying anything here. I’m purely apolitical)

3. An Indian Software Engineers League: Software Engineers are the majority these days. So why not a software engineers league where a bunch of programmers face off in a match to write some super software program? Yes, sounds geeky, but they could give it a shot. But nah, I don’t think Kapil Dev would be someone who endorses something as geeky and nerdy as a Software Engineers League

4. An Indian Cycling League : I have always envied European countries because they give so much importance for cycling. In India, cycling isn’t something that has caught on yet. It is good for health, wealth and the environment. So maybe something like an Indian Cycling League will be great to publicise cycling as both an exercise and a sport. And a cycling race across the country with cheerleaders dressed in traditional attire, cheering the contestants on? Wouldn’t that be something that you would pay good money to watch? Live or on TV?

Well, Kapil Dev has been talking so much about some new league. What on earth is this Ek Nayi League, I keep asking myself. Well, I can only guess. And wish. But I think the answer will be out soon. Till then, lets keep the brain working and cook up new leagues.

This is where the answer lies http://www.eknayileague.com/.


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