The Airtel App

This is the era of the smartphone. No one has the time or the energy or the inclination to plug in a laptop and do their stuff. We are always on the move, always in a hurry. We can’t be bothered to sit down for a moment to do anything, whether it is making a phone call or paying our bills. The most amazing thing about human beings is that we adapt. Evolution has helped us adapt to every change in the environment, and it has brought us to where we are today : Two legged creatures that walk on their feet with their spines upright, creatures with opposable thumbs that help us do so many things that our fellow creatures who are a few steps behind us in this evolution process can’t. So we have to make use of those thumbs. And what better way to use them than to App away.

Like humans, Airtel too has learnt to adapt. The Airtel guys looked at the human race today and said to themselves, ‘Dude, these guys need something easier to pay bills with’. And from that ray of realisation was born the Airtel App.

If you don’t want to read any further, you can go straight to the Airtel App and download it for your Android device. iPhone users, tough luck, you have to wait. But while you are waiting, you can check out the cool features of the Airtel App here ( Edit: It is actually now available on the App Store. Yaay for you iPhone guys) 

Ok. So you’ve decided to read further. Good. So here are some of the features that I found really cool in the new Airtel App

Shake it baby, shake it. Move it baby, move it: This is a really cool fun feature. You can put on some music and shake your phone to get some amazing new offers. Who doesn’t like a freebie. These offers give you more than that too.

Notifications and Reminders: We have so much on our minds these days. Family, work, politics, movies, more work and some more work. Who has the time to keep track of which bill is due when. You have your DTH bills to pay, your mobile phone bills to pay, your broadband bills to pay…Phew. Tiring to just type out all this. So you have your very own personal assistant in your palms now. The amazing Airtel App that gives you notifications about when your bill needs to be paid. Ping. Pay your mobile bill. Ping. Pay your DTH bill. Ping..oh shut up. I’ll pay it now.

Speed: You know those apps that make you tap your fingers on the phone just waiting for them to load? Yeah. This Airtel App is NOT one of those. It totally understands your priorities in life and lets you get the job done as quickly as possible. Tap tap tap and your’re done. Recharged. Freebied. Relieved.

So what are you waiting for? Go get the app now.


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