If a genie ever granted me three wishes, I would ask for clear skin, radiant skin and glowing skin. Seriously. Like hair days, we all go through skin days too. Sometimes we wake up feeling all clear and fresh and other times, which is most of the time, we wake up feeling all muddy and blotchy.

While those of you with deep pockets and bottomless bank accounts can afford to indulge in cutting edge beauty treatments that peel, scrape and do everything short of skinning and reskinng you back, the poorer ones can only look at those flawless skinned women and heave a sigh of I Wish.

But hey, hold on. Getting radiant skin isn’t unreachable. You don’t need fancy beauty products that claim to have melted gold and crushed pearls in it. You don’t need fancy creams and lotions that you’ll need to soak in for hours to emerge looking like you have effortlessly glowing skin. All you need is to look into the secrets that our ancestors left behind. The secrets of Ayurveda. Nature’s gift to humanity that was discovered, developed and patented by our yogis thousands of years ago.

There is no harm in repeating these easy tricks and tips that you can find in your kitchen or your garden that will help you get glowing and radiant skin

Turmeric: There is nothing that performs miracles than turmeric. No, not that yellow adulterated powder you get in supermarkets. Be a little unlazy and get yourself the turmeric roots. Get a stone from a temple stall, one of those irregular shaped marble or granite stones that have rough surfaces. Add a little clean water and rub the turmeric root on these stones. Apply the paste on your scars, on your blackheads on your pigmentation marks. Rinse. Repeat. Do this for a month and you’ll see someone new and beautiful looking back at you when you look into the mirror.

Sandalwood: Well, turmeric and sandalwood are like the chutney and sambar that go with idlis. You need both. While turmeric makes your skin lighter, removes the hair and is a general antiseptic, sandalwood removes the excess oil in your skin and blots out the oily blotchiness. Yes, it is drying.

Milk Cream: So make sure you add a dash of milk cream to your turmeric-sandalwood paste. And remember to wash well because you don’t want your cat licking your face when you doze off after applying this beauty mask.

So your magic mantra for fresh glowing skin: A spoonful of turmeric paste+ a spoonful of sandalwood paste+ a spoonful of milk cream. Mix. Apply. Wait. Rinse. Repeat.

You can say goodbye to those expensive jars of goop that you bought on your foreign trips, the ones that promised whiteman’s complexion. Step into your kitchen and get your salon treatment.

Ayurveda rocks. And Vicco Labs knows exactly that. Check these links out for more about VICCO Turmeric Cream



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