Tap Tap Tap

The sound of tapping. And more tapping. And more tapping. This is how it is every day, every week, every year. She had been working in this office for the past ten years and the only sound she ever heard was the sound of tapping. Disembodied fingers tapping away on a keyboard. Sometimes a phone rang in some corner of the room and she could hear the hurry in that someone’s voice as they rushed to answer the phone. In hushed tones. Until a few months ago, the sound of the coffee machine would break the monotony of tapping every now and then. But the coffee machine had been removed. and with that her only source of energy. She couldn’t go down the twelve floors to the food court whenever she felt the need for that caffeine rush, so she had learnt to live without coffee.

The sound of tapping continued. Sometimes slow and steady, sometimes frenzied and rushed. She sits in her chair and adjusts her dupatta. It has got caught in the wheels again and there is a small tear where she had to pull it out of the wheels. She takes a deep breath and starts her own tapping. It is Friday and there is a delivery due at 6pm. It is 2pm already and she has a lot of tapping to do. Tap tap tap. The pace of tapping slowed down as the afternoon progressed. She looked up at the clock and yawned. It was 4pm and she had a lot more tapping to do. She needed energy. She looked around. The geeky guy sitting to her right was dozing away open mouthed. The nerdy girl sitting to her right had her head on the keyboard and was fast asleep. In front of her, behind her, everywhere all she could see was a bunch of sleepy software developers bored to death, just like her. Oh, she really really needed to wake the place up. And that is when an idea struck her.

She shut down the boring code window that she was tapping away on and went to a secret website. She clicked on a secret button and opened a secret window. And then she did the unthinkable. She upped the volume on her laptop and pressed Play. And the room was filled with a new sound, not tap tapping. The tapping stopped and the disembodied fingers on the keyboards froze. The geeky ones and the nerdy ones shook awake from their slumber as a bolt of energy ran through their body.

Anushka Manchanda was singing away in that secret window on that secret website and as if that wasn’t enough Allu Arjun was dancing away to her song. And one by one, each person who was tapping away code clicked that window to close and opened their very own secret windows. And in the next five minutes, the entire floor had Anushka and Allu Arjun on their monitors and speakers. They started tap tapping their feet to the song and slowly got up and matched Allu Arjun’s steps.

A whole half an hour of energized dancing later, they sink back to their chairs fully recharged. The six o’clock deadline doesn’t look all that difficult now

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