Up the Mountain

Aarti watched the school bus go around the corner and walked back to her apartment. He husband would have just finished his bath and would already be at the dining table waiting for his food. She increased her pace and ran up the stairs. If only that damn elevator actually worked she could save those precious few minutes. Like everyday, she puffed up the three flights of stairs and rushed into the house. Her husband was sitting at the dining table, looking extremely impatient and irritated. She gave him an apologetic glance and quickly served him his breakfast. Twenty minutes later he was out of the house and Aarti sunk into the sofa in relief. Another day, another morning ritual was just over. Daughter and husband fed and packed away to work with breakfasts in their stomachs and lunch in their lunch boxes. And as the maid  finished her cleaning and washing and walked out of the door, Aarti asked herself the question she kept asking herself every day for the past six years. Now what?

She sat in front of the TV and watched a couple of soaps. She picked up a book and read for a while. She switched on the TV again and watched for some more time. And then she ate a little bit of lunch and went to the bedroom to take a short nap until 4pm when her daughter would come back from school. The monotony of her life was killing her. From 9am to 4pm, it was the same. Dull and boring. Where is that spark that I had when I was in college, she wondered. What happened to that bubbly girl who was the life of the classroom. And as she fell asleep asking herself those questions, she found herself wiping an uninvited tear that managed to escape from her eyes.

And on that warm Monday afternoon, lying in her bedroom with her tear stained cheeks, Aarti drifted away into a sweet afternoon nap. A nap where she had a dream. A dream where she saw herself at the bottom of a mountain helplessly looking up at it and longing to see what lay beyond. She had to scale the mountain to reach the top first. She saw herself taking that first step and she slipped. She tried another step and she slipped again. And just when she was about to give up in frustration, she heard a voice, a familiar voice that started singing a song, a song just for her. A song full of energy that would make that climb so easy. She looked at the owner of the voice. It was Anushka Manchanda. Wow. And as she filled herself with that dose of energy and started the climb she saw someone else up ahead of her, dancing his way up the mountain. It was Allu Arjun!

With so much energy encouraging her, she knew she could climb and climb she did. In her dream, Aarti was filled with a fresh wave of energy and she danced her way up the mountain. In what seemed less than five minutes later, she was on top of the mountain and with Anushka and Allu Arjun behind her, singing and dancing, she could see what lay ahead. It was her life, the life that she would live. And she saw that if she managed to climb the mountain that her life was right now, the future that lay ahead was full of what her hopes and dreams were made of. And in that afternoon dream, she found her answer.

She needed more music and dance in her life now, something to pep her up. Something that will make her look at the day ahead with more cheer. And with that attitude, she knew that things will not be as monotonous as she made it to be.

The clock struck 4. She woke up. This time, she woke up with a smile and full of energy. She jumped out and went to pick up her daughter from the gate. And pick up her life from the bottom of the mountain

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