Super fast surfing

Ever dreamed of a browser that is super fast, extremely safe, reliable and, wait for it, changes the way you experience cricket? No? Then it is ok. You don’t have to dream about it after this because it is here. The revolutionary browser with an exclusive section for cricket is here. It is the UC Browser with the UC cricket option. But you may ask why? Why do we need another browser, don’t we already have a million that do the same thing. Do the same thing? Seriously? Are you kidding me?

We have browsers like, well, I don’t want to name it, but you know what I am talking about. The one that has been around ever since computers have and is the standard fixture with every microsoft product. Doesn’t it frustrate you to no end when you are forced to use it? Don’t you curse it to no end when some new application refuses to run on it due to outdated everything? Yes. That is exactly what I am talking about. You keep changing and along with you, your needs keep changing. And with those needs, the requirement for a new, super fast, super cool browser also comes up.

They say that when Sachin bats, even god stops what he is doing and watches him. It is such a pity that Sachin will bat no more but maybe they’ll show reruns and we can watch those on this new browser. Maybe it will be even better than the original experience.

Ok. I really am running out of time here. I shouldn’t have kept this post for the last minute and I have no clue about what to write now. But I hope they will allow me to make some kind of modifications on this and then submit it later. Because I really want to participate in this contest and experience what everyone is experiencing.

Wonder if the UC browser will help people who are stuck with nothing to write, people with a writers block like me, to speed up their thought process and pour out words into blogposts like this.

I wonder if the UC browser will magically populate fields with what is in my mind without me having to worry about the ticking clock.

I wonder if the UC browser will allow me to skip everything else what I am doing and make my thoughts flow on the keyboard and put it out there for the universe to see

But no, it seems like the UC browser is more focussed on the cricket fans in the country and I am not complaining about it because I am one

So here’s to a heightened browsing and cricket viewing experience.


Check out more here

The link to the website

The link to the cricket browser where you can download it

The video for more information


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