Hail Honey

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Sugar is Sweet my love, but not as sweet as Honey

Ok. That sucked. That wasn’t even a pome, but it is the truth. Sugar is sweet, but not as sweet as honey. Ok, maybe it is sweet, but not as healthy as honey. Let me first creep you out: I don’t know if it is a fact, but they say that animal bones are used in the purification process of refined sugar. Well, it may be just a rumor, but that is something to think about, isn’t it? Especially if you are a vegetarian. But even if it isn’t true, there are several reasons why we should shun sugar and switch over to honey for that sweetness in our lives.

Sugar and honey, both are high carbohydrates, but honey has that edge over sugar in so many ways. So if you really need to add that dash of sweetness in your life, in your food, then the first step towards healthy living is to replace the sugar tin in your kitchen shelf with a bottle of pure Dabur Honey,

Iced tea with a dash of honey and a squeeze of lemon is the ideal solution to cool you off on a hot summer day. A swirl of honey on your bowl of cereal in the morning will give you that kickstart that will help you take the day head on. A glaze of honey on your grilled chicken will make you reach out for that extra serving, and you can do it guilt free since the honey isn’t going to add an extra kilo to your waist.

There is so much that honey can do to make you take that step towards a life that is more natural and healthy. It has no chemicals, bees don’t have chemistry labs. No additives and no preservatives because honey itself is a preservative. It has no frills, pure and fresh. But remember to buy your honey from a trusted company like Dabur because the ‘mountain’ honey that you see being sold in recycled liquor bottles isn’t actually honey. It is sugar syrup. Don’t get conned. Buy safe. Ne safe.

So if you want to know more about the benefits of honey, the nutritional value, honey recipes and other information related to honey you can check it out at the Dabur Honey website here


This is the Honey Diet Planner that will help you get the ideal diet that is customised based on your BMI and other details


Here, you get links that will take you to the Honey Diet, the healthy and tasty diet that will put you on the road to sweetness. And if you have your own honey recipes or any tips related to how honey can be used to make your life sweeter and healthier, you can write to them and have your contribution also up on the website so that you can help others life the sweet life


Super fast surfing

Ever dreamed of a browser that is super fast, extremely safe, reliable and, wait for it, changes the way you experience cricket? No? Then it is ok. You don’t have to dream about it after this because it is here. The revolutionary browser with an exclusive section for cricket is here. It is the UC Browser with the UC cricket option. But you may ask why? Why do we need another browser, don’t we already have a million that do the same thing. Do the same thing? Seriously? Are you kidding me?

We have browsers like, well, I don’t want to name it, but you know what I am talking about. The one that has been around ever since computers have and is the standard fixture with every microsoft product. Doesn’t it frustrate you to no end when you are forced to use it? Don’t you curse it to no end when some new application refuses to run on it due to outdated everything? Yes. That is exactly what I am talking about. You keep changing and along with you, your needs keep changing. And with those needs, the requirement for a new, super fast, super cool browser also comes up.

They say that when Sachin bats, even god stops what he is doing and watches him. It is such a pity that Sachin will bat no more but maybe they’ll show reruns and we can watch those on this new browser. Maybe it will be even better than the original experience.

Ok. I really am running out of time here. I shouldn’t have kept this post for the last minute and I have no clue about what to write now. But I hope they will allow me to make some kind of modifications on this and then submit it later. Because I really want to participate in this contest and experience what everyone is experiencing.

Wonder if the UC browser will help people who are stuck with nothing to write, people with a writers block like me, to speed up their thought process and pour out words into blogposts like this.

I wonder if the UC browser will magically populate fields with what is in my mind without me having to worry about the ticking clock.

I wonder if the UC browser will allow me to skip everything else what I am doing and make my thoughts flow on the keyboard and put it out there for the universe to see

But no, it seems like the UC browser is more focussed on the cricket fans in the country and I am not complaining about it because I am one

So here’s to a heightened browsing and cricket viewing experience.


Check out more here

The link to the website


The link to the cricket browser where you can download it


The video for more information

Up the Mountain

Aarti watched the school bus go around the corner and walked back to her apartment. He husband would have just finished his bath and would already be at the dining table waiting for his food. She increased her pace and ran up the stairs. If only that damn elevator actually worked she could save those precious few minutes. Like everyday, she puffed up the three flights of stairs and rushed into the house. Her husband was sitting at the dining table, looking extremely impatient and irritated. She gave him an apologetic glance and quickly served him his breakfast. Twenty minutes later he was out of the house and Aarti sunk into the sofa in relief. Another day, another morning ritual was just over. Daughter and husband fed and packed away to work with breakfasts in their stomachs and lunch in their lunch boxes. And as the maid  finished her cleaning and washing and walked out of the door, Aarti asked herself the question she kept asking herself every day for the past six years. Now what?

She sat in front of the TV and watched a couple of soaps. She picked up a book and read for a while. She switched on the TV again and watched for some more time. And then she ate a little bit of lunch and went to the bedroom to take a short nap until 4pm when her daughter would come back from school. The monotony of her life was killing her. From 9am to 4pm, it was the same. Dull and boring. Where is that spark that I had when I was in college, she wondered. What happened to that bubbly girl who was the life of the classroom. And as she fell asleep asking herself those questions, she found herself wiping an uninvited tear that managed to escape from her eyes.

And on that warm Monday afternoon, lying in her bedroom with her tear stained cheeks, Aarti drifted away into a sweet afternoon nap. A nap where she had a dream. A dream where she saw herself at the bottom of a mountain helplessly looking up at it and longing to see what lay beyond. She had to scale the mountain to reach the top first. She saw herself taking that first step and she slipped. She tried another step and she slipped again. And just when she was about to give up in frustration, she heard a voice, a familiar voice that started singing a song, a song just for her. A song full of energy that would make that climb so easy. She looked at the owner of the voice. It was Anushka Manchanda. Wow. And as she filled herself with that dose of energy and started the climb she saw someone else up ahead of her, dancing his way up the mountain. It was Allu Arjun!

With so much energy encouraging her, she knew she could climb and climb she did. In her dream, Aarti was filled with a fresh wave of energy and she danced her way up the mountain. In what seemed less than five minutes later, she was on top of the mountain and with Anushka and Allu Arjun behind her, singing and dancing, she could see what lay ahead. It was her life, the life that she would live. And she saw that if she managed to climb the mountain that her life was right now, the future that lay ahead was full of what her hopes and dreams were made of. And in that afternoon dream, she found her answer.

She needed more music and dance in her life now, something to pep her up. Something that will make her look at the day ahead with more cheer. And with that attitude, she knew that things will not be as monotonous as she made it to be.

The clock struck 4. She woke up. This time, she woke up with a smile and full of energy. She jumped out and went to pick up her daughter from the gate. And pick up her life from the bottom of the mountain

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Tap Tap Tap

The sound of tapping. And more tapping. And more tapping. This is how it is every day, every week, every year. She had been working in this office for the past ten years and the only sound she ever heard was the sound of tapping. Disembodied fingers tapping away on a keyboard. Sometimes a phone rang in some corner of the room and she could hear the hurry in that someone’s voice as they rushed to answer the phone. In hushed tones. Until a few months ago, the sound of the coffee machine would break the monotony of tapping every now and then. But the coffee machine had been removed. and with that her only source of energy. She couldn’t go down the twelve floors to the food court whenever she felt the need for that caffeine rush, so she had learnt to live without coffee.

The sound of tapping continued. Sometimes slow and steady, sometimes frenzied and rushed. She sits in her chair and adjusts her dupatta. It has got caught in the wheels again and there is a small tear where she had to pull it out of the wheels. She takes a deep breath and starts her own tapping. It is Friday and there is a delivery due at 6pm. It is 2pm already and she has a lot of tapping to do. Tap tap tap. The pace of tapping slowed down as the afternoon progressed. She looked up at the clock and yawned. It was 4pm and she had a lot more tapping to do. She needed energy. She looked around. The geeky guy sitting to her right was dozing away open mouthed. The nerdy girl sitting to her right had her head on the keyboard and was fast asleep. In front of her, behind her, everywhere all she could see was a bunch of sleepy software developers bored to death, just like her. Oh, she really really needed to wake the place up. And that is when an idea struck her.

She shut down the boring code window that she was tapping away on and went to a secret website. She clicked on a secret button and opened a secret window. And then she did the unthinkable. She upped the volume on her laptop and pressed Play. And the room was filled with a new sound, not tap tapping. The tapping stopped and the disembodied fingers on the keyboards froze. The geeky ones and the nerdy ones shook awake from their slumber as a bolt of energy ran through their body.

Anushka Manchanda was singing away in that secret window on that secret website and as if that wasn’t enough Allu Arjun was dancing away to her song. And one by one, each person who was tapping away code clicked that window to close and opened their very own secret windows. And in the next five minutes, the entire floor had Anushka and Allu Arjun on their monitors and speakers. They started tap tapping their feet to the song and slowly got up and matched Allu Arjun’s steps.

A whole half an hour of energized dancing later, they sink back to their chairs fully recharged. The six o’clock deadline doesn’t look all that difficult now

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If a genie ever granted me three wishes, I would ask for clear skin, radiant skin and glowing skin. Seriously. Like hair days, we all go through skin days too. Sometimes we wake up feeling all clear and fresh and other times, which is most of the time, we wake up feeling all muddy and blotchy.

While those of you with deep pockets and bottomless bank accounts can afford to indulge in cutting edge beauty treatments that peel, scrape and do everything short of skinning and reskinng you back, the poorer ones can only look at those flawless skinned women and heave a sigh of I Wish.

But hey, hold on. Getting radiant skin isn’t unreachable. You don’t need fancy beauty products that claim to have melted gold and crushed pearls in it. You don’t need fancy creams and lotions that you’ll need to soak in for hours to emerge looking like you have effortlessly glowing skin. All you need is to look into the secrets that our ancestors left behind. The secrets of Ayurveda. Nature’s gift to humanity that was discovered, developed and patented by our yogis thousands of years ago.

There is no harm in repeating these easy tricks and tips that you can find in your kitchen or your garden that will help you get glowing and radiant skin

Turmeric: There is nothing that performs miracles than turmeric. No, not that yellow adulterated powder you get in supermarkets. Be a little unlazy and get yourself the turmeric roots. Get a stone from a temple stall, one of those irregular shaped marble or granite stones that have rough surfaces. Add a little clean water and rub the turmeric root on these stones. Apply the paste on your scars, on your blackheads on your pigmentation marks. Rinse. Repeat. Do this for a month and you’ll see someone new and beautiful looking back at you when you look into the mirror.

Sandalwood: Well, turmeric and sandalwood are like the chutney and sambar that go with idlis. You need both. While turmeric makes your skin lighter, removes the hair and is a general antiseptic, sandalwood removes the excess oil in your skin and blots out the oily blotchiness. Yes, it is drying.

Milk Cream: So make sure you add a dash of milk cream to your turmeric-sandalwood paste. And remember to wash well because you don’t want your cat licking your face when you doze off after applying this beauty mask.

So your magic mantra for fresh glowing skin: A spoonful of turmeric paste+ a spoonful of sandalwood paste+ a spoonful of milk cream. Mix. Apply. Wait. Rinse. Repeat.

You can say goodbye to those expensive jars of goop that you bought on your foreign trips, the ones that promised whiteman’s complexion. Step into your kitchen and get your salon treatment.

Ayurveda rocks. And Vicco Labs knows exactly that. Check these links out for more about VICCO Turmeric Cream


The Airtel App

This is the era of the smartphone. No one has the time or the energy or the inclination to plug in a laptop and do their stuff. We are always on the move, always in a hurry. We can’t be bothered to sit down for a moment to do anything, whether it is making a phone call or paying our bills. The most amazing thing about human beings is that we adapt. Evolution has helped us adapt to every change in the environment, and it has brought us to where we are today : Two legged creatures that walk on their feet with their spines upright, creatures with opposable thumbs that help us do so many things that our fellow creatures who are a few steps behind us in this evolution process can’t. So we have to make use of those thumbs. And what better way to use them than to App away.

Like humans, Airtel too has learnt to adapt. The Airtel guys looked at the human race today and said to themselves, ‘Dude, these guys need something easier to pay bills with’. And from that ray of realisation was born the Airtel App.

If you don’t want to read any further, you can go straight to the Airtel App and download it for your Android device. iPhone users, tough luck, you have to wait. But while you are waiting, you can check out the cool features of the Airtel App here  http://www.airtel.in/myairtel. ( Edit: It is actually now available on the App Store. Yaay for you iPhone guys) 

Ok. So you’ve decided to read further. Good. So here are some of the features that I found really cool in the new Airtel App

Shake it baby, shake it. Move it baby, move it: This is a really cool fun feature. You can put on some music and shake your phone to get some amazing new offers. Who doesn’t like a freebie. These offers give you more than that too.

Notifications and Reminders: We have so much on our minds these days. Family, work, politics, movies, more work and some more work. Who has the time to keep track of which bill is due when. You have your DTH bills to pay, your mobile phone bills to pay, your broadband bills to pay…Phew. Tiring to just type out all this. So you have your very own personal assistant in your palms now. The amazing Airtel App that gives you notifications about when your bill needs to be paid. Ping. Pay your mobile bill. Ping. Pay your DTH bill. Ping..oh shut up. I’ll pay it now.

Speed: You know those apps that make you tap your fingers on the phone just waiting for them to load? Yeah. This Airtel App is NOT one of those. It totally understands your priorities in life and lets you get the job done as quickly as possible. Tap tap tap and your’re done. Recharged. Freebied. Relieved.

So what are you waiting for? Go get the app now.

Ek Nayi League

Oh, what on earth is this new league all about?

We have a cricket league and a football league and a wrestling league. I think we even have a kabaddi league ( wasn’t Abhishek Bachchan an owner or something?) So what else is left to ‘league’ about, I wonder.

But here is my list of things that I would like to see as Leagues. Maybe Ek Nayi League is one of these?

1. An Indian Cooking League: Yes, we have shows like Masterchef and all that. But it will be nice to have a nailbiting, colourful Indian Cooking League. Something where we have top chefs from across the country participating and sharing with us dishes from all over India. Super Sambars vs Perky Pav Bhajis or something would be the equivalent of a Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians IPL match. Now, wouldn’t that be super fun to follow? One mad month of mouthwatering dishes.

2. An Indian Political League: This could be something where people, non- political people get together and form teams that contest mock elections with mock manifestos. Well, mock elections and mock manifestos, but these could actually lead to something real. A fake Indian Political League could be a message to the real politicians who can learn a thing or two about contesting an election with real manifestos and real promises. Also, who knows? Someone who wins this fake Indian Political League could become another Arvind Kejriwal and take the country by storm ( Ok, ok. I’m not implying anything here. I’m purely apolitical)

3. An Indian Software Engineers League: Software Engineers are the majority these days. So why not a software engineers league where a bunch of programmers face off in a match to write some super software program? Yes, sounds geeky, but they could give it a shot. But nah, I don’t think Kapil Dev would be someone who endorses something as geeky and nerdy as a Software Engineers League

4. An Indian Cycling League : I have always envied European countries because they give so much importance for cycling. In India, cycling isn’t something that has caught on yet. It is good for health, wealth and the environment. So maybe something like an Indian Cycling League will be great to publicise cycling as both an exercise and a sport. And a cycling race across the country with cheerleaders dressed in traditional attire, cheering the contestants on? Wouldn’t that be something that you would pay good money to watch? Live or on TV?

Well, Kapil Dev has been talking so much about some new league. What on earth is this Ek Nayi League, I keep asking myself. Well, I can only guess. And wish. But I think the answer will be out soon. Till then, lets keep the brain working and cook up new leagues.

This is where the answer lies http://www.eknayileague.com/.

Smartphone? Nah. Genius Phone

I don’t want a smart phone

I want a genius phone. And a phone that is a looker too. Yes, I want it all. Beauty and brains. A phone that will win the Miss Universe title. A phone that is as fast as Usain Bolt. And it looks like the Asus Zenfone 2 could give me exactly what I’m looking for.

So how will the Asus Zenfone2 change my smartphone experience? Well, My smartphone is growing dumber and dumber these days. So I desperately need a change. A newer, sleeker, sexier, genius phone. One that doesn’t make me cringe whenever I take it out. One that doesn’t make me curse it for being as slow as a tortoise or as bulky as a rhino. And ofcourse, one that doesn’t make me have to sell my kidney and soul to buy it. And looks like my prayers have been answered. The Asus ZenFone2 is The Ultimate Phone. The GeniousPhone that is all set to send smartphones back to scheeol.

1. I’ll feel sexier just holding it in my hand. No more clunky bulky phone. This is a sleek, sexy phone with a metallic finish. Enough to accessorize my outfit. No need for any more bling. This will do. And I can dress up my phone as much as I like dressing myself up. Colours and cases, you name it, I have it.

2. I’ll feel safer. Having a superfast phone will give me more confidence to do more. Easily accessible applications that load immediately.

3. I don’t need a camera. I can travel light, just this phone in my purse and I’m good to go. I can pull it out anytime and click the pictures I need. No need to bother about the lens or the zoon or the pixels. Point and shoot redefined. And I don’t need to worry about the lighting. Any ligght and I’m good to go.

4. Dual sim for my double life. I can keep my work and personal life separate. No need to carry around two phones and fumble around in my bag wondering which phone is which. No need to check and double check if I’m sending the message to my boss from the right phone. All it will take is a touch and I’m the work person or the person person.

5. Battery? What battery. With the superfast charging and the long long long battery life, it will seem like the phone runs of love and fresh air. Or solar power. Charge it, forget it. No more carrying a charger around and searching for a plugpoint everywhere because of crappy battery life. No more

So do you also want to change the way you smartphone your life? The don’t look for a smartphone. Smart won’t do. You need a geniusphone.

Get your genius phone here http://www.asus.com/Phones/ZenFone_2_ZE551ML/.

Going to the Guptas

I wake up at six am, lie in bed till 6.30, picturing the day ahead and lazily fantasizing about  everything from a Europe holiday to dinner at that new Mexican place. Sometimes, I go back to sleep and wake up with a start when I realize that it is already past 7.30. But every morning, somehow or the other, it is a mad rush to office. And the victim of this mad rush to office is always my breakfast. That meal of the day that everyone from your nutritionist, doctor and grandmother tell you that you should not skip. But it is always my breakfast that gets the axe because of my lazy early morning routine. I grab an apple or a couple of biscuits on my way out and have it with a cup of tea in the office pantry. But that is not enough. The problem with breakfast is that it is a big headache. Whether it is dosas or idlis or upma, I need to make the chutney and the sambar and all that and then do the cleaning and washing up before I leave to work. So you can’t blame me, can you?  Cereal is so boring, I used to think. So that wasn’t part of my breakfast menu at all.

But this Guptaji family seems to have it all figured out. They’ve managed to turn the most boring, monotonous breakfast cereal into something as interesting and intriguing as a daily TV serial! Just look at all the yummy stuff here. https://www.facebook.com/anaajkanashta and https://www.youtube.com/user/kelloggindia.

I would just love to have the Guptas living in my apartment block. I’d invite myself over day after day after day just to relish one of these yummy bowls of Kelloggs. And the thing is, half of these nashta recipes don’t even sound like a boring breakfast cereal. They are so creative and innovative and most important, they seem to have that right balance of East and West. Check this out, Chapatti Cornflakes Chivda ! http://bit.ly/Chapattichivda Who would have thought that this kind of fusion is even possible with plain old boring cornflakes! Or this Laddoos wala recipie that makes cornflakes so festive http://bit.ly/LadoosWala. This Guptaji family seems to be the most happening family in their neighbourhood.

So I guess I will just have to take some tips from the Guptas to get my day kickstarted. I can’t invite myself over everyday, can I? So What I am going to do is just hop on to the Facebook page where the awesomeness of the Gupta Family Nashta is being shared and take a few tips as to how to make my breakfast easy, cool and as unboring as I want it to be. So now, I know that I can lie in bed and daydream for as long as I want, because all I need is a little bit of creativity, some tips from the Gupta family and the most solid ingredient of all : A box of Kelloggs.

So do you want to go to the Guptas?